How much does a Certified Personal Trainer / Fitness Trainer Earn in India

By January 18, 2022October 31st, 2023Fitness Industry

Today more & more people are suffering from metabolic disorders like Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, fluctuations in lipid profiles and also obesity. Hence the role of certified personal trainer or fitness trainer is very crucial improving health & fitness in the society. People are getting aware about exercise & nutrition which makes the profession of certified personal trainer or fitness trainer very noble & respectable. A certified personal trainer may start with a salary of 10 to 12 thousand per month which substantially increase to 1 or 2 lakhs depending on various factors like upgradations, improving skills of training & counselling, adding more knowledge via workshops & webinars as well as experience. This income may not be final as there are many certified personal trainer or fitness trainer who earn quite higher than the mentioned amount depending on their credibility &capability. A personal trainer or fitness trainer should always focus on grabbing opportunities as they come .He or she should be open to upgradations in designation which may be offered to them according to their abilities &personality. These upgradations can be in sales & admin as well . A Personal trainer or fitness trainer needs to understand that a constant hike in earning is always accompanied with capability to handle more responsibilities &being absolutely professional. Working at a higher designation demands qualities like multi-tasking, decision making, working on targets etc. A certified personal trainer or a fitness trainer may kick start his or her career in fitness industry by personal training their clients but that should not be the end, he /she can go long and develop a fabulous career by working in similar sectors like personal training studio, gym management, providing personalized client consultation, working with equipment dealers & dietary supplement suppliers. A certified personal trainer or fitness trainer can upgrade his/her skills by enrolling for a “Special Population Course” & assist other professionals related to health and wellness like physiotherapists and nutritionists. These type of tie ups guarantee an increase in earnings over a period of time. A certified personal trainer or fitness trainer can also complete an advance course like “Master of Exercise” to train top rank athletes by upgrading their skills like power, speed with advance form of exercises like Olympic lifts. There are many personal trainers who have being training celebrities & industrialist for years which has raised their income in lakhs in the long run. With the growing awareness in fitness industry, building a fabulous career is quite possible for personal trainer or fitness trainers. They should also concentrate on achieving international accreditation which allows them to work internationally as well as opens the doors to international clients & online international consultations.

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