Nikhil Ashtewale
Mr. Nikhil Ashtewale

Founder & Director

"We are in the business of taking responsibility for people. And the only way to succeed in this line of work, is to make the people we are responsible for… SUCCEED." Highly respected as an expert in fitness education and having trained people for over 16 years, Nikhil is the pillar on which rests Brand IFSI. He is one of the most sought-after fitness mentors in the business. His personal mission is to make fitness education simple and affordable to more and more people from all walks of life. He is a prolific speaker and an exceptional motivator who has conducted several seminars and workshops on a variety of fitness topics. His undying passion to be the best in the field makes him an inspiration for faculty and students alike. His intensive coaching has changed and shaped the careers of many fitness professionals across India.
Kshipra Ashtewale
Mrs. Kshipra Ashtewale

Founder & CEO

“As a business head, I see opportunities everywhere. Just like in fitness, every time I want to tap into an opportunity, I set a goal for it. And every time I achieve a goal, I set a new one to do better than that.” Kshipra is the face of IFSI’s admin and operations departments. She is literally the backbone of the institute who plays an integral part in making sure all operations at all branches are handled in a successful and professional manner. She wears multiple hats… She handles staff training, bookkeeping, records maintenance, vendor management, budgeting, strategic planning, software training, marketing, and brand management amongst other things.

Rajesh Indalkar

Internal Quality Assurance


Pratik Tikone



Akshay Mozar

Lead Tutor


Prajwal Salian

Head of Sales Department

Our Locations


1st floor, Radha Raman society, Above HDFC Bank, Bapu Bagwe Road,
Kandarpada, Dahisar West, Mumbai 400 068, Maharashtra, India.
Contact : +91 87792 59839 / +91 88797 90056

Bombay Fitness, JK Tower, First floor, Sai Pooja Road,
Vikhroli (East), Mumbai – 400 083, Maharashtra, India.
Contact : +91 80101 89189 / +91 82638 97474

Arkfit Arena Gym, 2nd Floor, Opp. Central Park, Near HDFC Bank,
Apte Road, Pune – 411 004, Maharashtra, India.
Contact : +91 84460 89777 / +91 84464 84777