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Professional Qualifications

Certified Personal Trainer Course (CPT)

A complete fitness training course applicable for freshers as well as professionals. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to plan and deliver tailored fitness programs for your clients that are scientific, safe and healthy.

Curriculum Topics

  • Career guideline in fitness industry
  • Understanding 10 vital elements of fitness for improving activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Body transformation and understanding the scientific approach for effective fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Work profile in Fitness industry and
  • Understanding Intensity of Exercise
  • The most effective and important exercise
  • Skeletal Anatomy (Study of muscles and placements in human body)
  • Kinesiology (Study of movements in various joints of the human body)
  • Physiology Part-1
  • Physiology part-2 (Study of normal functioning of various functions in human body)
  • Flexibility (Understanding the entire mechanism and types of stretching & its benefits)
  • Biomechanics (Study of mechanical laws for body movements)
  • Personal Training tips for Special population
  • Anatomy & Exercise of Back Muscles
  • Demonstration of Back Exercise
  • Anatomy & Exercise of Leg’s Muscles
  • Demonstration of Leg’s exercise
  • Anatomy & Exercise of Chest & Shoulder Muscles
  • Demonstration of Chest & Shoulder Exercise
  • Anatomy & Exercise of Abs Muscles
  • Demonstration of Abs Exercise
  • Anatomy & Exercise of Arms Muscles
  • Demonstration of Arms Exercise
  • Understanding Cardio Exercise for Endurance
  • Fitness Testing
  • Programming & Periodisation of Exercise
  • Personality Development and grooming for Fitness Trainer
  • CPR Training (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)
  • Introduction to Basic Nutrition
  • Introduction to Supplements
  • Revision class test


Eligibility: High School Education

Duration: 4 months x weekdays, 8 months x weekends

Theory: 35 Lectures x 3hours each

Practical: 23 Sessions x 2 hours each

Exam: Theory, Practical, Viva

Career: Sports Clubs, Fitness Centers, Fitness Equipment Manufacturing Companies, fitness counsellor, fitness manger etc.

Fees : INR 45340 /- Inclusive of all Government Taxes.

Master of Exercise Science Course

This course will expose students to advanced levels within the various sub-disciplines that may include: clinical, sport and occupational biomechanics; exercise physiology; motor learning and control; sport, exercise, health and coaching psychology; physical activity promotion; and sport and recreation marketing and management.

Curriculum Topics

PART I – Foundations

  • Physiology
    • Understanding motor unit recruitment
    • Importance of correct Posture
  • Structural exercises and their benefits
    • Setting Proprioception
    • Exercise selection
    • Types of intensity
  • Introduction to Olympic weightlifting
  • Understanding the lifts
  • Warmup and mobility
  • Flexibility and the Olympic lifter
  • Breathing and trunk rigidity
  • The Olympic squat
    • Squat position
    • Stance
    • Breathing and bracing patterns
    • Using the bounce
  • Foot position and transitions in weightlifting
  • Hook grip and double knee bend

PART II – Introduction to snatch

  • The receiving position
    • – Grip placement
    • – The overhead position
  • The overhead squat
    • Pressing snatch balance
    • Drop snatch
    • Heaving snatch balance
    • Snatch balance
  • Learning the snatch
    • Midhang position
    • Midhang snatch jump
    • Midhang snatch pull
    • Tall muscle snatch
    • Scarecrow snatch
    • Tall snatch
    • Midhang snatch
    • Power Snatch
  • Pulling from the floor
    • Starting position
    • Snatch segment deadlift
    • Halting snatch deadlift
    • Segment snatch + snatch
    • Snatch
  • Introduction to the clean
  • The receiving position
    • Grip placement
    • Clean rack position
  • The front squat
    • Posture and recovery
  • Learning the clean
    • Midhang position
    • Midhang clean jump
    • Midhang clean pull
    • Rack delivery
    • Tall muscle clean
    • Tall Clean
    • Midhang Clean
    • Power Clean
  • Pulling from the floor
    • Starting position
    • Clean segment deadlift
    • Halting clean deadlift
    • Segment clean + clean
    • Clean
  • Introduction to the jerk
  • The receiving position
    • Grip placement
    • Overhead position
    • Split position
    • Jump to split
  • Learning the jerk
    • Jerk rack position
    • Stance and dip
    • Press
    • Push press
    • Tall power jerk
    • Power jerk
    • Split jerk behind the neck
    • Jerk balance
    • Split jerk
    • Squat jerk
  • Introduction to powerlifting
  • Powerlifting as a sport
    • Powerlifting essentials
  • Importance of volume in training
    • How to use volume
    • High volume v/s low volume
  • Understanding Rate of perceived exertion
  • In-depth analysis of squat
    • Descent
    • Ascent
    • Correcting weaknesses
  • In-depth analysis of deadlift
    • Positioning
    • Lockout
  • In-depth analysis of bench press
    • Biomechanics
    • Correcting weaknesses
  • Understanding functional training
  • Understanding plyometrics
  • Importance of mental strength in strength training


Eligibility: Graduates / Current Fitness Professionals

Duration: 6 months

Theory: 30 Sessions x 3 hours each

Exam: Theory, Practical, Viva

Career: Sports Clubs, Fitness Centers, Fitness Equipment Manufacturing Companies, etc.

Fees: INR 70800/- Inclusive of all Government Taxes.

Nutrition for Fitness, Performance & Sports

Accurate diet supplemented with effective exercise results in impressive results. This Nutrition Course offered by IFSI aims at equipping the fitness professionals furthermore by providing them with in-depth knowledge on diet & nutrition science. Starting from changes in body composition down to the difference between clinical & sports nutrition, the course covers everything in between. Sign up for this well-structured course to give your career a boom by being more accomplished & skilled.

Curriculum Topics

PART I – Foundations

    • 1. Scientific approach to body transformation. Difference between weight loss and fat loss.
    • 2. Understanding the various factors affecting BMR
    • 3. Intensity of weight training & cardio activity, its contribution in framing an accurate diet plan.
    • 4. Most effective exercise from the point of view of nutrition.
    • 5. Physiology of Musculoskeletal system (Understanding the functioning of muscles & role of bones & connective tissues)
    • 6. Body fat measuring techniques & Fitness Testing
    • 7. Digestive system (Understanding the gastrointestinal tract)


  • 8. Macronutrients
    • (A) PROTEIN
      • • Functions of Proteins
      • • Classifications of Proteins
      • • Biological value of proteins
      • • Requirement of Proteins
      • • Exchange list of Proteins
  • 9. Calculation of Protein for Fat loss case study
  • 10. Calculation of Protein for Muscle gain case study
  • 11. Placement of protein for fat loss & muscle gain
      • • Types of Carbohydrates
      • • Starch
      • • Fiber
      • • Glycemic Index & Glycemic load of Carbohydrates
      • • Functions of Carbohydrates
      • • Exchange list of Carbohydrates
  • 13. Carbohydrate placement for Fat loss diet
  • 14. Carbohydrate placement for muscle gain diet
    • (C) FATS
      • • Functions of Fats
      • • Role of fats in diet
      • • Classifications of fats
      • • Understanding Omega-3,6,& 9
  • 16. Placement of fat in Fat loss diet & Muscle gain diet
    • (A) Vitamins
      • • What are Vitamins
      • • Types of vitmains
      • • Functions of Various Vitamins
      • • Deficiencies & Sources of Vitamins
      • • Supplements
    • (B) MINERALS
      • • What are Minerals
      • • Functions of Minerals
      • • Functions of Various Vitamins
      • • Deficiencies & Sources of Minerals
      • • Supplements
  • 18. Water & Fluids –
    • • Function of water
    • • What is dehydration
    • • Difference between Water & Sports Drinks
  • 19. Supplements part – 1 ( Types of Whey Protein, Casein, Weight Gainer)
  • 20. Supplements part-2 ( Creatine, BCAA, Meal Replacement powder, Glutamine)
  • 21. Supplements Part-3 ( Testo booster, Pre-work out, CNS Stimulents)
  • 22. Diet plan for general population
  • 23. Diet plan for Fat loss
  • 24. Diet plan for Muscle gain
  • 25. Diet plan practice session
  • 26. Counselling technique
  • 27. Revision Class Test
  • 28. Information of Ketogenic Diet
  • 29. Information of Carbs Cycling Diet
  • 30. Viva preparation lecture


Eligibility: Fitness professionals, dieticians, and even general population who do not belong to the fitness industry can do this course for their personal or professional wellbeing.

Duration: 5 months x weekdays, 7 months x weekends

Theory: 30 Lectures x 3 hours each

Exam: Theory, Practical, Viva

Career: Gym Nutritionist / Personal Nutritionist / Celebrity Nutritionist.

Fees: INR 46020 /- Inclusive of all Government Taxes.

Certified Personal Trainer for Special Population

Course is designed to cater the needs of exercise who comes under special category which is known as special populations, the designing of the course is based on the advance theories of human body which is technically known as physiology, Advance scientific studies which is known as osteology that is studying the anatomical characteristics of bones, chronic disorders, acute medical conditions, auto immune disorders, characteristics, utilities and features of bones etc. signs and symptoms of the medical conditions the preventions their precautions and rehabilitation through a proper exercise program.

The benefits of exercise which are beneficial for special populations, specific precautions and all the do’s and don’ts in an exercise planning.

Special population course provide information about 50 conditions and many more which are based on latest researches and rehabilitation techniques.

  • Learn how the diseases and different disabilities affects the lifestyle
  • Physiology of the medical conditions
  • Case studies report readings
  • Understanding the management of the exercise


  • Knee joint and various medical conditions and their rehabilitation
  • Shoulder
  • Spine (characteristics and features, Anatomy)
  • Hip joint
  • Fractures
  • Types of arthritis and their management
  • Physiology of heart
  • Lifestyle and chronic conditions of heart
  • Sports injuries
  • Diabetes (Juvenile diabetes, NIDDM)
  • Physiology of various medical conditions
  • Ankle
  • Elbow
  • Types of bones in human body
  • Anatomical characteristics of Bones
  • Acute chronic conditions
  • Auto immune disorders
  • Gout
  • Asthma (Respiratory system disorders)
  • Pre and Post pregnancy yoga exercise (3 Lecture)


Eligibility: Graduate + Good Communication Skills

Duration: 3 months

Practical: No Practicals

Theory: 21 Lectures x 3 hours each

Exam: Theory, Practical, Viva

Career: Gyms / Schools / Colleges / Corporates / Freelance Consultant.

Fees: INR 46020/- Inclusive of all Government Taxes.


The beauty and relaxation treatment to improve the overall well being of the human body, is a kind of holistic treatment for the body, mind and soul. Like many beauty services, massage can also help to improve one’s mental health and well-being. This head to toe massage therapy is believed to relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, back problems, stress, exhaustion.

The Spa Therapy program is designed to fully prepare students to contribute to the health industry

The course provides you to interact with and learn from highly qualified and experienced professionals. It is in depth course which include theory as well as practical training.  Course contains:

Curriculum Topics

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (Structure, Tissues and Systems)
  • Benefits of Massage, Personal Hygiene, Professional Etiquette
  • Swedish Massage.
  • Aromatherapy Massage.
  • Deep Tissue Massage.
  • Ayurveda Massage.
  • Thai Foot Massage.
  • Dry Head,Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage.
  • Body Scrub and Body Wrap.


Eligibility: Anybody interested to learn Massage /Spa. No specific education required.

Duration: 1 week x 7 days

Practical: 14 Sessions x 3 hours each

Theory: 4 months x 3 hours each

Exam: Theory, Practical, Viva

Career: Become a Certified Massage/ Spa Therapist in Cruise liners, Gyms, 5 Star Hotels, Spas, Massage centres or work as Free Lancers.

Fees: INR 22,000/- Inclusive of all Government Taxes.


This course gives you an overview of various forms of Yoga. We focus on therapeutic application of Yoga as well a solid foundation for entrepreneurship in this industry. You will be given a deep understanding of the application of traditional meditation, breathing and Yoga techniques (as well as philosophies) that will help you prescribe a life of wellness and fulfillment to yourself and your clients.

Based on your personality, liking and preference, you may choose to follow a specific path of yoga philosophy or approach it holistically. Our trainings are like one to one interactions that provide in-depth understanding of the science. Admissions for Yoga training are open throughout the year based on your convenience and interest.

This course prepares you in all aspects of a thriving Yoga career including how to setup and run your own yoga classes. You will graduate as a fully-fledged Yoga Practitioner with a vast knowledge of the art.

Curriculum Topics

• Theory

  • Yoga – Meaning, Definition, Origin, Aims
  • History & Development of Yoga
  • Introduction to Patanjala Yoga Sutra
  • Misconception about Yoga
  • Comparison of Yoga & Exercise
  • Importance of Diet, Yogic Diet
  • Introduction of Asan, Pranayama, Bandh & Mudra, Kriya ( only theory)
  • Asanas in Standing Position
  • Asanas in Supine Position
  • Asanas in Prone Position
  • Asanas in Inverted Position
  • Asanas in Sitting Position

• Anatomy & Philosophy of Yoga

  • Importance of Anatomy & Physiology
  • Introduction of Anatomy (Structure) & Physiology)
  • Systems of body & effects of Yogic practices
  • Musculo-Skeletal System
  • Digestive system
  • Circulatory System
  • Respiratory System
  • Nervous System
  • Excretory System
  • Reproductive Systems


Eligibility:High School Education + Good Communication Skills

Duration:2 ½ months x weekdays, 5 months x weekends

Practical: 30 Sessions x 3 hours each

Theory: 5 Lectures

Exam: Theory, Practical, Viva

Career: Gyms / Spas / Health Clubs / Resorts / Cruise Ships / Sports Teams / Freelance.

Fees: INR 22,000/- Inclusive of all Government Taxes.

IFSI was the perfect way for me to get the qualifications I needed to become a respected fitness coach. The faculty at IFSI are both knowledgeable and helpful. They were extremely professional in their approach and very flexible to my specific needs. I would highly recommend IFSI to all those who are looking for a quality training, and to be fully qualified and working within a short amount of time.

Pranav Saste
IFSI Certified Nutritionist

I had to study and work at the same time and wanted to have a course that fits in my tight schedule. IFSI was the only institute that listened to my requirements and came up with a custom package for me.

Prashant Bhagwat
IFSI Certified Nutritionist

The coaches at IFSI were so helpful and supportive that they felt more like friends by the end of the course! They do a great job of teaching efficiently in a short period of time. There was a good mixture of both theory and practical sessions which meant that no single day was the same, and we got to have a lots of fun in the gym too.

Sanjay Konka
IFSI Certified Fitness Trainer