Integrated Fitness and Sports Institute (IFSI) is India’s largest and fastest growing education provider with an active database of more than six thousand trainers, gym instructors, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, pilates and yoga trainers sports coaches, sportspersons, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.






IFSI is accredited by EREPS .The European Register Of Exercise Professionals ( EREPS ) is an international process for registering of Personal trainers & teachers working in fitness , physical activity & health sector of Europe which provides neccessary assurance & confidence that EREPS accredited personal trainers and fitness professionals are qualified to do their jobs which are equivalent to European standards. This accreditation gives the clients, consumers , gym owners , employees and health professionals a very high level of confidence in their professionalism.

EREPS recognises the qualifications & skills of the exercise professional and provides huge amount of assurance for the gym owners and public that their fitness trainer or employee holds the most accurate & appropriate qualifications to perform their job of training the clients effectively & safely.

As a provider of continuing education (CE) IFSI provides professional recognition in the fitness industry. IFSI make sure to provide quality training which is up-to-mark with current scientific and technical information related to Health and Fitness. For further information, Please email CE to our CEO at


Following information will give details of the responsibilities and procedure to become IFSI Continuing education provider:

IFSI’s responsibilities to Continuing Education

IFSI provides Instructor certification in Level 4 (Personal Trainer). IFSI Certified Trainers are required to attend minimum 10 continuing units every 3 years to maintain there certification.  To provide trainer with a well-known educational experience, IFSI authorizes individual to provide continuing education units.

Who can apply?

Person who are dedicated to the continuing education of professional, Personal trainers may apply to beomce IFSI CE providers.


Person as a providers

A person IFSI CE provider should fit the qualifications listed below. He or she must able to handle the responsibility for the record-keeping and fulfill the work allotted as mentioned to him/her.


Instructor qualification

  • Instructor offering practical instructions must hold the current IFSI Personal Trainer Certificate.
  • Individuals offering lectures must hold the current IFSI Personal Trainer Certificate.
  • Instructor must have special education and related teaching experience in subject area to talk.


Approved Courses

A variety of post-certification level courses are accepted for continuing education purposes, including in-person workshops, lectures, seminars and conversations programs.



Non Approved formats: follow along workouts and fitness classes, home study, exam preparation course

Training for other professions such as massage therapy that do no directly apply to expanding a fitness instructor’s knowledge or skills will not be accepted.


The application review process will be in 2 steps. We will first check your qualifications to be an IFSI Continuing Education Provider. Secondly, We will check each course to determine whether it is an appropriate topic, meets its objective etc.

Course objective(s)

The objectives and content of each course must be indentified on your course application. An Objective clearly states in measurable terms what the instructor will obtain or be able to by attending your course. Three learning objectives are required for each course submitted.

Awarding Credits

The number of continuing education units (CEU’S) awarded to each provider program is determined by the amount of time spent in the educational portion of the course. Credit is given for lecture and interactive practical master class session

Credit formula

1 Hour of lecture = 1.0 CEU

1 Hour of interactive Practical Master class session = 1.0 CEU

Occasionally, workshop conversations will ask a provider to modify the agenda timing of a program. In this situation, providers are expected to adjust the number of credits accordingly using the above formula. This should be reflected on the advertising piece as well as the validation form that is given to each student.

Professional responsibilities of IFSI continuing education provider

As a provider, you agree to accept full responsibility for both the content and quality of instruction of the courses approved for IFSI continuing education units. You agree that each continuing education course will be conducted according to the course objectives and timeline submitted. In addition, you agree to provide accurate records of these responsibilities can result in the termination of your IFSI provider status.


Record keeping

As IFSI continuing education provider, you are also responsible for keeping and maintaining accurate records of attendance, course application, instructor qualifications and course evaluations for years. You may be subject to an audit. Upon notice of an audit, you will need to submit the records requested to the IFSI provider Department.

Validation forms

As an IFSI continuing education provider, you are to ensure that each attendee receives a complete and accurate continuing education validation form to show proof of completing your course. A sample validation form will be mailed upon approval of the application. The validation form must include your provider course number, date and location of the workshop, number of CEUs earned, workshop title, instructor’s name and approved provider’s signature.

Additionally, each validation from must contain the following statement: “This course has been approved by IFSI for continuing education units. It was not developed by IFSI. Therefore, it does not count as an IFSI course which is also required for recertification.” This required only for those who show interest in your program purely to obtain IFSI CEUs.

IFSI was the perfect way for me to get the qualifications I needed to become a respected fitness coach. The faculty at IFSI are both knowledgeable and helpful. They were extremely professional in their approach and very flexible to my specific needs. I would highly recommend IFSI to all those who are looking for a quality training, and to be fully qualified and working within a short amount of time.

Pranav Saste
IFSI Certified Nutritionist

I had to study and work at the same time and wanted to have a course that fits in my tight schedule. IFSI was the only institute that listened to my requirements and came up with a custom package for me.

Prashant Bhagwat
IFSI Certified Nutritionist

The coaches at IFSI were so helpful and supportive that they felt more like friends by the end of the course! They do a great job of teaching efficiently in a short period of time. There was a good mixture of both theory and practical sessions which meant that no single day was the same, and we got to have a lots of fun in the gym too.

Sanjay Konka
IFSI Certified Fitness Trainer